“Text, Klang, Werk” – Herford, Lübeck, Hamburg; Germany

The project “Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Improvisation on a Text by Armin T. Wegner and by Sören Kierkegaard” was realized on the initiative the German architect Guido Hülsmann and the Lutheran-Protestant parish of St. Marien Stiftberg Herford(Germany), in collaboration with “Gallery 25″(Gyumri) and “KulturDialog Armenien” and in the German cities of Herford, Lübeck and Hamburg from 23rd to 29th April 2014. Supporters of the project were the Ministry for Armenian Diaspora, the Armenian Cultural Ministry and the Armenian Embassy in Germany. The event were organized by the priest of St. Marien Stiftberg Herford, Dr. Wolfgang Otto and Mrs. Sona Harutyunyan (KulturDialog Armenien).

The aim of this project was combine text and speech with musical improvisation (organ and Armenian “duduk”) and the creation of fine arts (painting and sculpture). This way, the texts were given additional levels of interpretation, concentrating on the ideas of hope and on believing the incredible, which were then to be experienced by the audience.

A total of 14 artists from Armenia (Yerevan and Gyumri)  worked together with Prof. Franz Danksagmüller (organ improvisation) of Lübeck Conservatory (Germany), Prof. Gevorg Dabaghyan (duduk improvisation) of Gyumri Conservatory (Armenia) and two German actors (texts by Wegner and Kierkegaard).

The events were recorded and were available as film and audio documentations. The paintings and sculptures together the recordings will then be also made accessible to the Armenian audience in Yerevan.

The Armenian artists participating in the project were:

Yerevan: Sona Abgaryan, Vahagn Galstyan, Ashot Grigoryan, Hamlet Hovsepyan, Tigran Kirakosyan, Sahak Poghosyan, Tigran Sahakyan, Vanand Shiraz, Lilit Vagharshyan.

Gyumri: Karen Alekyan, Levon Fljyan, Gevorg Sargsyan (Chala), Albert Vardanyan, Hrach Vardanyan.


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