“Auftakt/Kunstdialog. Ausstellungszyklus No. 1“, Arman Vahanyan & Therese Weber – Arlesheim, Switzerland

Exhibition „Auftakt/Kunstdialog. Ausstellungszyklus No. 1“, presenting graphic works by the Armenian artist Arman Vahanyan (KulturDialog Armenien) and pulp painting works photography and the book series B-i-B by the Swiss artist Therese Weber at KulturRaum Arlesheim (Basel/Switzerland).
In cooperation with the Swiss artist Prof Therese Weber (University of Northwestern Switzerland) and the Studio House KulturRaum Arlesheim, Foundation KulturDialog Armenien organizes the exhibition “Auftakt/Kunstdialog. Ausstellungszyklus No. 1” in Arlesheim, Switzerland:
After Arman Vahanyan’s first solo exhibition “Visual Formations” at T66 Kulturwerk in Freiburg in Breisgau, the exhibition in Arlesheim (Switzerland) this is the second exhibition during Arman Vahanyan’s artist-in-residence’ stay in the context of the new artistic exchange program between Foundation KutlurDialog Armenien, Christoph Merian Foundation Basel (Atelier Mondial) and the Cultural Affairs Office of the city of Freiburg in Breisgau.
The choice of graphic works by Arman Vahanyan and works in the field of pulp painting, photography and the book series B-i-B (started in 2014) by Therese Weber creates an interesting artistic contrast and gives a unique insight into the contemporary Armenian and Swiss art scene, as well as their common but also different artistic positions.
The exhibition in Arlesheim is the beginning of a new Swiss-Armenian artistic dialogue, which Foundation KulturDialog Armenien will continue in cooperation with Therese Weber with her solo exhibition “Paper- Hand and ‘Mind’ Narrations in New Art” in Yerevan in 2017.